Watch ExoMars Landing

ExoMars Schiaparelli has separated from its mothership the Trace Gas Orbiter on October 16 2016, and is now set to arrive on October 19 2016. Be sure to watch the animations below of ESA’s ExoMars mission, and separation confirmation video. An updated Live Stream of the landing will be on this page as it happens October 19th but you can also watch the landing directly via ESA’s Livestream channel.


19 October – landing and arriving at Mars
Live coverage of ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter arrival and Schiaparelli landing on Mars will begin with our Facebook Live Social TV programme (also streamed on 13:00–15:15 GMT / 15:00–17:15 CEST on 19th October.

The ESA TV programme will be broadcast on this page in two parts on 19th October:

15:44–16:59 GMT / 17:44–18:59 CEST
18:25–20:03 GMT / 20:25–22:03 CEST

20 October – status report and first images
A press conference is scheduled for 20th October at 08:00 GMT / 10:00 CEST, when a mission status update is expected, along with the first images from the Schiaparelli descent camera. This will also be streamed live via the player above.

For additional mission status text updates starting 14th October, see here.

Schiaparelli’s descent to Mars

Mars arrival orbits

ExoMars at Mars

ExoMars separation confirmation


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