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Lyrid Meteor Shower Live in 2017

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2017 is active between April 16 and April 25 yearly and it tends to peak around April 22 or April 23. The Lyrids were created by the debris from a comet named Thatcher, this comet takes about 415 years to orbit around our Sun. The best time to watch the show would be after midnight and before dawn, weather permitting, of course. This year, the Lyrids are expected peak on April 22 and 23 OC Astronomy suggests looking up towards the East to see shooting stars from the Lyrids, be sure to check the weather meteors are easy to spot when it is clear. Stay far away from artificial lights, check OC Star Spots for a location near you, and if you want to see some meteors you will need to wait around a bit, bring something to sit or lie down on.

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