January 2017 Sky

1 Mars 0.02° South of Neptune (59° from Sun, evening sky) at 7h UT. Mags. 0.9 and 7.9.
2 Moon near Venus (47° from Sun, evening sky) at 8h UT. Mag. -4.4.
Crescent Moon and Venus (APOD)
3 Moon near Mars (58° from Sun) at 7h UT. Mag. 0.9.
3 Quadrantid Meteor Shower peaks at 14h UT. Active between December 28 and January 12. Produces up to 120 meteors per hour. Radiant is in northern Boötes.
Quadrantids (Wikipedia)
The Quadrantids (Gary Kronk)
4 Earth at Perihelion (closest to Sun) at 14h UT. The Sun- Earth distance is 0.983309 a.u. or 147.1 million kilometers.
Sun at Aphelion and Perihelion (Anthony Ayiomamitis)
5 First Quarter Moon at 19:47 UT.
8 Moon near the Pleiades (evening sky) at 22h UT.
The Pleiades (Wikipedia)
9 Moon very near Aldebaran (evening sky) at 12h UT. Occultation visible from Asia.
Occultation of Aldebaran (IOTA)
10 Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 5:56 UT (363,238 km; angular size 32.9′).
12 Full Moon at 11:34 UT.
12 Venus at greatest elongation east (47.2° from Sun, evening sky) at 13h UT. Mag. -4.4.
13 Moon near Beehive cluster (morning sky) at 13h UT.
Beehive Cluster (Wikipedia)
M44: The Beehive Cluster (APOD)
15 Moon very near Regulus (morning sky) at 3h UT. Occultation visible from southern South America.
Occultation of Regulus (IOTA)
19 Moon near Jupiter (morning sky) at 7h UT. Mag. -2.1.
19 Moon near Spica (morning sky) at 10h UT.
19 Mercury at greatest elongation west (24° from Sun, morning sky) at 10h UT. Mag. -0.1.
19 Last Quarter Moon at 22:13 UT.
22 Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) at 0h UT (distance 404,914 km; angular size 29.5′).
24 Moon near Saturn (54° from Sun, morning sky) at 11h UT. Mag. 0.5.
26 Moon near Mercury (23° from Sun, evening sky) at 0h UT. Mag. -0.2.
28 New Moon at 0:07 UT. Start of lunation 1164.
Lunation Number (Wikipedia)
31 Moon near Venus (45° from Sun, evening sky) at 17h UT. Mag. -4.6.
31 Moon, Venus and Mars within a 5.5° circle (evening sky) at 22h UT.
January 2017 Sky All times Universal Time (UT). USA Eastern Summer Time = UT – 4 hours.

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